Renato Victoria spent his childhood and youth in Saint Tropez, the world’s capital of jet

set, glamor and party. His mother, who worked in luxury, sensitized young Renato to the world of beautiful materials.


At 20, Renato moved to Paris where he worked for emblematic brands such as Chloé, Emanuel Ungaro and Christian Dior. He then joins the jeweler OJ Perrin. After a few years spent in this beautiful family brand, he decides to fulfill his destiny of creator. His long experience of fashion and jewelery, as well as his youth in Saint-Tropez have germinated and ripen his own idea of beauty. A beautiful that combines elegance, gaiety, casual style and sensuality. In a nutshell, a hippie chic inspiration.

This is how the brand Renato Victoria was born.


Renato Victoria likes to create objects that have strong personality and identity. Each of his bracelets or necklaces is unique and assembled by hand in his Parisian workshop. The greatest satisfaction of Renato Victoria is the anecdote told to her by one of her best friends. She meets a young woman at a dinner. The young woman asks her, looking at her bracelet, if it is not a Renato Victoria. The friend confirms. Yes, it's a Renato Victoria bracelet. The young woman smiles and then shows hers that her husband offered her two days earlier.

Renato Victoria likes to work with noble materials and warm colors: gold and silver, pearls (Tahiti, freshwater and Australia). He likes the uneven side of baroque pearls. It combines with pearls some hard stones, including turquoise, not to mention the precious stones (rubies and diamonds); of course, the connection with the sea is always present with mother-of- pearl and coral. The Japanese cord holds a large place in the objects created by Renato Victoria, whether bracelets, necklaces, earrings or cuffs. The cord is a link, the link of friendship, because friendship takes a central place in Renato's life.

If nature is ubiquitous at Renato Victoria, her jewels know only one season. Summer.

And as we wear them all the time, summer never ends. The first collections pays tribute to three modern women: la Flamboyante, la Magicienne and la Rêveuse.